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Why Dance With The Pat Harris Dance Studios?
Classes are broken into age/skill levels to give dancers a comfortable, challenging and enjoyable environment from which to excel in

Educated professionally trained teachers provide a disciplined yet motivating atmosphere for students to learn and grow in

Smaller class sizes. We appreciate each student's unique capabilities & focus giving each individual the education and attention they deserve

The Pat Harris Dance Studio's are dedicated to providing a high quality dance education to all ages and levels in a positive learning environment. We believe whether a student dances for fun or to pursue a career in dance they deserve the finest training possible. With our expert faculty and our encouraging learning environment we aim to develop confidence, self esteem and an everlasting appreciation for the art of dance in every student. At the Pat Harris Dance Studio's we provide our students with so much more then dance education. We teach teamwork, respect, and responsibility all while creating friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.

Early Childhood and Combination Classes:
Early childhood classes set the foundation in dance, physical activities, and school readiness. It develops coordination, locomotor skills, and social skills such as taking turns.   Toddlers have their own 45 minute/week class. Three-Four year old have their own 45-60 minute/week class. This is a pre-ballet/creative movement class with Pre-Tap work. Four-year-olds through 3rd grader, attend combination classes in Ballet and Tap. A great introduction for young children, these classes are only an hour long to keep your child excited about the different forms of dance. Pat Harris School of Dance is one of the only schools in the area that offers age-specific combination classes. First year students are broken into 4 & 5 year old classes, and 1st through 3rd Grade classes. As students progress, they are kept with students with the same training & ability levels. At about the 3rd year, the ballet portioned is lengthened slightly, and at about the 4th year, jazz is added to their section of classes, and they begin to concentrate on each style with more specialized instruction.

Ballet is the basis for all dance technique, and helps to build strong, flexible bodies. Around age 8 classical ballet study is begun. Until this age, we feel a child is not ready physically or mentally for this rigorous discipline. Pointe is available no earlier than age 11 due to bone and muscle development.
We offer classes from beginner to advanced, age 3 through adults. Children under age 8 study pre-ballet in the combo classes described above, then students progress in specific age and abilities however, beginner ballet students may start at any age and classes are offered for upper grade school students, teens, and adults.

Tap is the dance that most emphasizes the  use of sound to develop rhythms.
Tap develops an agility of legs and feet, sense of rhythm, mental and physical coordination, and a power of concentration.
We offer classes from beginner to advanced, age 4 through adults. Children under age 8 study tap in the combo classes described above, then students progress in specific age and abilities however, beginner tap students may start at any age, and classes are offered for upper grade school students, teens, and adults.

Jazz / Contemporary / Lyrical:
Draws on other forms of dance and is forever changing with culture and times
These three dance styles draw on other technical forms of dance. They are constantly  in a state of evolving  development with culture and times, ranging from fast and upbeat to slow and fluid. These styles have a strong foundation stemming from ballet 
based technique.We offer classes from beginner to advanced, age 5 through adults. The more specific styles of Contemporary and Lyrical are only offered for our more advanced students.

Hip Hop /Street Dance:
Hip Hop is a funky street-style and the most common style seen on television.
This class helps with coordination skills and is a fun, rhythmic form of dance. Street Dance originated in the streets, similar to Hip Hop, but utilizes more stalls, and movement on the ground . We offer classes beginning at age 5 & up in hip hop.

Jazz Hip Hop Styles
Explore the world of jazz from Classic jazz like Gus Giordano, Broadway Jazz from shows like Chicago, all that jazz, and Gene Kelly’s singing in the rain to modern day Hip Hop Jazz influences like Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and many more. 

Ballroom is a couples dance 
Ballroom program does not run throughout the full academic year. 4 week courses are offered intermittently throughout the year. The beginner course covers the Fox-Trot, Waltz, and Swing. Ballroom 2 classes are occasionally offered, and private lessons are also available. Please see our Ballroom web  page for more detailed information on this and the upcoming class schedule.

Tuition is charged on a monthly basis, with discounts available for multiple classes, military, family members 

​Family owned and operated since 1971, modest yet professional technique training, routines, music & Costuming

Pat Harris schools have developed numerous students that have opened they're own studios, danced professionally on stage and across the world.

We take pride in giving back to the Treasure Valley community through Dance performances, donations, and dance scholarships